Wingman's Hangout Episode 6

Wingman's Hangout Episode 6. April 9

Eric "Wingman" Peterson and Rob "Designopotamus" Irving discuss the closing days of the Kickstarter, and reveal the official trailer.

  • 2:08 - A new tier created by Blues and named by Phil "BlueDog" Tuttle has been added to the Kickstarter to buy 4 copies of the game and get alpha access for $100. You can give away or resell the extra copies.
  • 4:06 - There are currently some minor framerate issues in the current development version of the multiplayer.
  • 4:23 - There is a new referral program. The 3 people who bring in the most new Kickstarter backers in the last 2 days will receive an AMD 295X video card. The top 2 people who have been bringing in people will also receive a card.
  • 6:07 - Stretch goals: Torch KS for all Kickstarter backers at $650,000.
  • 6:25 - They don't have the rights to the Pyro GX... yet. They want it to be a ship you receive at the end of the single player campaign.
  • 7:38 - More stretch goals: Shaman unlocks at $625,000. Warlock unlocks at $675,000.
  • 8:26 - There are more stretch goals coming. They teased that they might be talking to people who worked on the original Descent game.
  • 23:14 - The official Descent: Underground trailer is released.


  • 9:50 - Q: Will you still go ahead with development if the goal is not reached? A: They don't know. They think so, but they're focusing on the Kickstarter. They don't want to have to answer it. The epic single player campaign is still estimated at a stretch goal of $1,500,000. Stretch goals will continue after Kickstarter using the store at
  • 11:50 - Q: What will be the policy for currency farming? Can currency be transferred between players? A: They haven't thought about it, and will work it out with the community.
  • 13:17 - Q: Will there be a store for late comers to contribute to the game, post-Kickstarter? A: Yes.
  • 16:04 - Q: Are you considering Steam Workshop for user-generated content in the future? A: Yes. The maps that Descendent Studios makes will always be free, but the user-generated map packs will be the maps that are sold.
  • 20:12 - Q: The Underground provides alpha and beta access and private meetings. The $600 tier includes alpha and beta. Does it also include the private meetings? A: No. The Underground is voluntary, and not part of the $600 tier.
  • 21:59 - Q: Can you up the four pack tier to $135 and allow people to pick ships? A: It will be considered.