Wingman's Hangout Episode 3

Wingman's Hangout Episode 3. March 19

Eric "Wingman" Peterson and Rob "Designopotamus" Irving return for another Kickstarter update featuring some amusing fan videos and some Q&A.

  • 0:45 - They show a new flythrough of the concept map.
  • 2:25 - A new show with Designopotamus will be created for a design deep dive.
  • 10:45 - The drone bay was shown this week. It's your home base between missions or sessions, and for the single player mission. You get your upgrades and repairs through the bay. It can be visually customized.
  • 21:23 - The Torch has been announced as the 9th ship. A $650,000 stretch goal is added when, if met, everyone who bought the game will get the Torch KS, a special Kickstarter version of the Torch.
  • 22:15 - Some drone bay concepts are shown. Note, it's NOT called the hangar.


  • 14:05 - Q: Are we controlling drones or flying ships? The Torch KS doesn't have a cockpit, but the Pyro GX does. Is that part of the lore? A: They are drones. Why they become piloted ships is part of the story to tell.
  • 15:31 - Q: Will there be achievements? A: Yes.
  • 16:53 - Q: Will there be Descent-style mechanics? A: It will be addressed in the first design session on Tuesday.
  • 17:50 - Q: Will we be able to place logos and decals in the drone bay? What other kinds of decorations will there be? A: Yes. The ships will also be customizable.
  • 19:08 - Q: Will there be floating powerups? A: Yes. "Of course! How could you be Descent without floating powerups?!"