Descent: Underground plans to have modding tools available with the launch of the game.[1] Resources frequently mentioned include maps[1], ship visual customizations[2], and more. It is possible that the Steam Workshop will be available for modders to contribute to.[3]

HUD Edit

The HUD will most likely be locked down. Changing the color of the HUD may be an option.[4]

Maps Edit

Player-made maps will be a big part of the customization of Descent: Underground.[4] The developers have initially released a map kit for Unreal Engine 4, with custom meshes, textures and guidelines for designing maps. Maps can be submitted for review cycles using the Descendent Studios forums, and are frequently added to the official list of maps to put in the game. Several player designed maps have already been added and customized for multi-player.

Ship customizations Edit

Customizations to the 3 parts of the ship, the nose, fuselage, and tail, will be possible to submit into the game.[4]

Re-compensation Edit

Descendent Studios would like for content creators to be compensated for their work. The idea is for the content creators to submit their work to Descendent Studios, who will then put the content through a QA (quality assurance) process. If the content passes this process, they will put it in the game for a "couple bucks". A cut of the money made from that map will go to Descendent Studios to support the game, and the rest will go to the creators.[1][5]

Descendent Studios University Edit

Wingman has stated that he hopes that some day Descendent Studios can start something called Descendent Studios University. This is a way for content creators who have talent but no outlet for that talent to be able to submit to Descendent Studios and get their work included in a game.[6]

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