Company Edit

Descendent Studios was founded on November 4, 2014[1]. It aimed for Descent: Underground to be crowdfunded from the beginning, and that content contributions would be accepted from the community[1].

Team Members Edit

Eric "Wingman" Peterson founded the company. It is unclear who the other founders are, but the initial team also included Michael "Viewmaster" Morlan, Chris Olivia, and Jason "Stormwind" Spangler. Colton "Winglet" Peterson, Wingman's son, is also contributing with ideas for gameplay mechanics.[1] Connie Whitener was announced as the social media director on December 5, 2014.[2] Keith "Dunkelza" McCormic appeared on the Kickstarter kickoff livestream on March 10, 2015.[3]

Game Name Edit

Before Descendent Studios obtained a license to use the Descent name, the working title of the game was Ships That Fight Underground, or STFU.[4] The game wasn't known as Descent: Underground until March 10, 2015, the beginning of the Kickstarter campaign.[3]

References Edit

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