Descendent Studios is a software development company based in Austin, TX. They are currently developing Descent: Underground, a six degrees of freedom shooter.

History Edit

Eric "Wingman" Peterson started Descendent Studios on November 4, 2014[1], and announced the formation of the company on November 5, 2014[2]. The name of the company was formally unveiled on November 14, 2014.[3] Initially, they were going to create a Descent-like game, tentatively titled "Ships That Fly Underground", or "STFU"[3]. During early development of the game, Interplay contacted Descendent Studios, and an agreement was reached where Descendent Studios would be able to license the Descent name for use in their game[citation needed]. The game was then reintroduced as "Descent: Underground" when their Kickstarter campaign was launched.

Team Edit

Eric "Wingman" Peterson
President & CEO
Jason "Stormwind" Spangler
Chief Tech Officer
Rob "Designopotamus" Irving
Creative Director
Phil "BlueDog" Tittle
Executive Producer
Michael "Viewmaster" Morlan
Media Producer

References Edit

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Descendent Studios logo.