There are two currencies within the Descent: Underground universe: company scrip and pallasite gems (or "pals").[citation needed]

Company Scrip Edit

Company scrip is your paycheck. It will "top off the tank in your ship". It's what you get for doing your job. You get more scrip depending how well you do, but you'll get no less than what you need to repair and rearm your drones. Scrips can buy anything except items that require pallasite crystals, including ship customizations. You cannot buy scrip with real world currency, a preventive measure against "pay-to-win" games.[1]

The amount of scrip you get from the match depends on what role you performed and how well you performed it.[2]

Pallasite Gems Edit

Pallasite Gems, also known as "pals", are obtained as a possible reward for winning team games[3], by extracting them from the map and returning them to your harvester, or by purchasing them with real money.[1] The name was created by Keith "Dunkelza" McCormic.[4]

Pals are designed as a gameplay enhancer. Most maps will have it available to mine, and if you find it, you'll become a target. It gives reason for scouts or engineers to search for them. Some items will require pallasite, but it's nothing game changing. It's merely cosmetic. Pals cannot be converted to scrip.[1]

Game Economy Edit

As this is not a persistent world, there is not expected to be any kind of persistent game economy. All currencies will purchase items from within the Descent: Underground in-game store.[3] It is undecided whether players will be able to trade currency with each other.[5]

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